Special Offer of Epic Sale for Special Kids Vacation

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Do you want to try Epic Sale from Traveloka at the beginning of October 2021? If you do, not only all tourists can get some discounts but also special children. The kids with autistic spectrum disorder, have a handicapped body or have trouble hearing can have a memorable holiday. 

Singapore, an Inclusive Country for Special Vacation 

Comfortable access and inclusive services are essential for special kids. When they are on a trip, the people around them are the key. In Singapore, the hotels have special access for people with wheelchairs. The lift is easy to get. So, you can bring the children with special needs to have a great holiday in the Singapore hotel. 

In that place, some special kids can swim and play with other family members. They will be happy because the area is comfortable and the pool is various. You can choose the low pool for kids under 10. But, if they are teenagers and they can swim, it is okay to see them swim in a higher pool. 

You do not need to worry, because safety is the best thing in Singapore. Tourists can go anywhere without a doubt. The citizens are polite and have a good manner. Even if they are from heterogenous ancestors, but all people welcome the tourist politely. It is not only at the hotel but almost at all places. 

For example, if you ask for a way to go to a place, you will get helpful instructions. You can ask in MRT too, when is the near station to go to some destinations. If you go with special needs, there are some specific chairs for them. Not only for the disabled, but pregnant women can also sit there. 

Hotels with Beautiful Landscape 

Many hotels not only provide special access but also a beautiful landscape. The scenery near the beach is a popular view from hotels in Singapore. Indeed, it is because Singapore is a Peninsula Country. It is near Malaysia and Indonesia. So, if you want to see hustle bustle in from another country, you can simply take a view minutes of some hours. 

Restaurant That is Friendly to Special Kids 

If you have special kids, maybe they have an allergy. It can be from gluten, sugar, and non-vegan ingredients. But, if you are in Singapore. It is not a big deal. Because you can order specific food with or without proper ingredients. 

Singapore is very inclusive not only for special kids but also for special people. If you travel in a wheelchair, you can go to many places with MRT. Many areas are easy to reach. Especially culinary spots or souvenir shops. 

Many Hotel Promotion Singapore can you get in this October. So, if you have a plan to go there, it is the best time. The season is good, and the price will be lower if you get some discounts. Indeed, Singapore is one of the best countries that give inclusive travel experiences for special kids.

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