Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay Transforms Into Garden in a Hotel

Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay has undergone a $45 million renovation, making it an innovative hotel that prioritizes environmental sustainability. Those who want to see the changes in person must plan a vacation immediately and make a ticket booking after reading the reviews below. 

Iconic Design through Some Interesting Facts

The inn has an iconic design. The design also has some facts. The first fact is that this hotel has the largest indoor Skylit Atrium in Southeast Asia that has an architectural design for 21 floors that exudes an aura of office grandeur.

Uninhibited originality stems from the designs of neo-futuristic architect John Portman. In Asia, Portmann designed Marina Square and various convention halls, hotels, and shopping centers that have become landmarks of Singapore. Portmann has also designed buildings in China and India, so you don't have to worry about the results.

His biographical page mentions the fact that Portmann drew on the philosophy of Self Reliance, written by Ralph Waldo Emerson. The architecture of the design is also influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most famous building designers of the 20th century.

It doesn't stop there because the ornaments that have changed the feel of the hotel are very unique. For example, Orchidea is a hanging flower carving in the Atrium with a prominent American sculptor, Richard Lippold as the maker. He introduced his work in 1986 and is also famous for his Wire Sculptor.

Some people refer to the work as an outpouring of coins that fall into the hands and can reflect the luxury of the hotel. The hotel lobby has received a historic and eye-catching decoration through the big statues of Chinese philosophers, namely Li Bai and Confucius.

The two statues are the work of a famous contemporary sculptor from Taiwan, namely Ju Ming in the 1880s. Li Bai was a Chinese philosopher who was born in 701 and died in P'ing in 62. His popularity existed during the T'ang dynasty as a fanatical Taoist who brought his influence. 

Natural Sustainability That Makes Many Plants as Evidence

Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay has more than 2,400 trees, reeds, and grasses consisting of 60 varieties. The landscape design of the hotel has succeeded in uniting various plants with the interior of the room to create a beautiful, beautiful atmosphere with the green of the forest.

Visitors can stroll the Skybridge and stroll through the forest canopy while a row of bird nest-like pavilions in the treetops still surrounds it. You will feel more comfortable and can breathe cool air when you are active and stop at the inn.

Parkroyal Collection Marina Bay as one of the cheap hotels in Singapore will certainly fulfill your vacation needs with complete facilities and friendly service through multilingual staff. When else will you feel a different feel and experience while staying in Singapore? Of course, you can go there on your next holiday trip. So, plan it now and get ready for the vacation.

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